Free SSLs for Nonprofits

We’ve launched our new WordPress Network – a place for small businesses and nonprofits to host their websites – tuned specifically for WordPress sites, and backed by trusted, well-vetted plugins. One of the benefits to a custom-designed network is that we have more control over domains, DNS, and SSL certificates (what you use to verify […]

Behold: Keyboard Shortcuts

With the recent release of WordPress 5.3, WP Core now supports keyboard shortcuts on macOS (and iPadOS)! Continuity between web applications reduces the learning-curve and hiccups when using different services. These changes bring WordPress more inline with web apps like Google Docs and Office Online. We’ve included a short list of our most-used shortcuts below, […]

Stay in the Loop with Monthly Reports

We love being able to help our clients by handling everything related to their website. With Managed WordPress, you can focus on the day-to-day of your business or organization, knowing that we’re handling everything behind the scenes to make sure your site is perfect. While we do all of this work, we want to make […]

Get a Jumpstart on Your Website

Everything you need. Nothing you don’t. There are a lot of things to consider when launching a site. Where will you host it? What domain name can you use? How will you manage security and content updates? And who’s your go-to when something’s not right and you need some assistance? We put together a package […]

Nonprofit Support

We get nonprofits. When you’re organizing a website for your 501(c)(3) organization, it’s easy to get bombarded with insane monthly bills from your hosting and web services provider. You probably don’t need that Deluxe hosting plan with 500 emails and so many features that will never be touched. And digging into the details when trying […]