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What are these new plugins on my site?

We install a handful of plugins as part of our Managed WordPress service. These plugins provide security and performance enhancements (Hummingbird and Defender), configure your dashboard and add-ons (Managed WordPress Service Worker), and connect your site to our management interface so we can install updates and collect data for your monthly report (Managed WordPress Service Core).

What are support hours? Why does my account include a set amount?

“Support Hours” are what we call pre-paid support and development time. These are offered at a reduced rate when purchased as an annual Support Plan (contract). Our Managed WordPress plans include a set amount of Support Hours that are intended to be used for monthly calls and/or meetings, but can be used at your discretion for advanced projects and content updates that aren’t covered by your plan. Additional hours can be added on ahead of time or as needed.

Why am I getting emails from Wave?

We use Wave Apps to handle our invoicing and subscription billing. As such, invoices and payment reminders may be sent from an email address belonging to Wave (i.e. Rest assured that we’ve vetted this service and trust them handling payments on our behalf. It also helps protect your personal billing info by keeping it directly with the payment processor.

How do I log into my WordPress site? I get errors when accessing the login page.

When you subscribe to one of our Managed WordPress plans, one of the first things we do is lock down your site to protect it from bots and malicious users. One of the ways we do that is by masking the default login page. To access your admin dashboard, go to and you’ll be redirected to the login page. If you want this feature turned off, send us an email and we can revert back to the default, unprotected login page.

What is the “Custom Work” section in my monthly report?

This section of the report includes summaries of the work our developers do on your site. Some of this “custom work” might just be adjustments made to our plugins and/or configuration, but we thought we’d include it for those who are curious. Other items in the work log are support and development requests outside the scope of the management agreement, and count towards your support hours or are billed separately.

What’s the whole process like, start to finish?

Check this out:

How do you help nonprofits?

We have a great relationship with MetroWest Nonprofit Network – not only do we manage their site, but they help us connect with nonprofit organizations in need of website and general IT help. Our team offers free advice, website and social media audits, and even review web/IT spending to find ways that nonprofits can save money. On top of that, we offer discounted support rates to 501(c)(3) organizations, on or off-contract, with a referral from MWNN. Reach out to Evan directly for more info.

Do you have a referral program?

Yes! Any existing clients that recommend us or share reviews that lead to new contracts earn free support hours. We don’t just build sites, we build relationships, and we take care of those that help us out.

Are you hiring?

We’ve got a full house right now, but we’re always happy to meet motivated, customer-focused individuals that could join our team as we expand. Know a business or two that could use our help? Introduce us to them and we’ll offer you commission and some goodies as a thanks for your help. Who knows, maybe we’ll just hire you.

Who/What is Smashstar Media?

Our origin is a long story, starting a decade ago with IT work and mobile device repair – you know, back when you could fix an iPhone or iPad and it would still work. We moved on to websites and online services (SaaS), because that’s where the digital world is going. Our full story is on the About page if you’re interested – we invite you to take a look.