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GiveWP 3.0 will use Gutenberg as a Foundation, Not Just a Block Builder

The Block Editor is Gutenberg, but Gutenberg is not the Block Editor. GiveWP 3.0 will be powered by the Gutenberg framework in a new and…

Mission vs. Vision Statements and How to Write Them

When every dollar matters, your messaging is critical. That’s why it’s absolutely crucial to craft two separate compelling statements – mission vs. vision. Something that…

How to Make the Most of Workplace Giving and Volunteerism

[] There are many ways for individuals to support your nonprofit beyond direct, monetary donations. Learn more about workplace giving and volunteerism here.

It’s Here! New Forminator Field Grouping and Repeater Option Is Now Available

[] Tired of adding the same fields over and over when creating forms? New Forminator Field Group feature saves you time and lets you add…

Mastercard Requirements for Receipts on Recurring Transactions

[] In response to feedback shared by many nonprofits, Mastercard has updated their rule for receipts on recurring transactions to exclude most nonprofits, with some…

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