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Protect Yourself and Your Visitors

A few years back we highlighted the importance of having a Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, and other policies prominently displayed on your website to…

Using Peer-to-Peer Campaigns to Support New Year’s Resolution Fundraising

New Years resolution fundraising via peer-to-peer campaigns are the perfect way to help donors make – and keep – their resolutions with the support of…

GiveWP 3.0 will use Gutenberg as a Foundation, Not Just a Block Builder

The Block Editor is Gutenberg, but Gutenberg is not the Block Editor. GiveWP 3.0 will be powered by the Gutenberg framework in a new and…

Mission vs. Vision Statements and How to Write Them

When every dollar matters, your messaging is critical. That’s why it’s absolutely crucial to craft two separate compelling statements – mission vs. vision. Something that…

How to Make the Most of Workplace Giving and Volunteerism

[] There are many ways for individuals to support your nonprofit beyond direct, monetary donations. Learn more about workplace giving and volunteerism here.