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MWP Cloud

The next generation of hosted WordPress

fully and truly-managed from DNS to the block editor

Drag. Drop. Publish.

Gutenberg didn’t see this coming.

We’ve super-charged the Gutenberg block editor to include not only your theme elements and brand colors, but so many more designer-friendly blocks.

Alive and Well-monitored

Built-in alert emails, pings, plus native deep-integration with third-party analytics work to provide live and historical statistics.

Search Engine Ohwhat??

Proactive and scheduled scans ensure your content is readable, accessible, and formatted properly for optimal search engine rankings.

You get the best of the best by the best.

Marketing, community-building, donation-gathering, crowd-sourcing, list-growing, and awe-inspiring plugins – created and maintained by veteran WP developers

Batteries Included.

All of the professional and enterprise-grade plugins offered include hard-coded, fully-managed licensing. Your inbox will thank you.

Nightly Backups

Your site automatically backs up every night and saves to an off-site, secure server.

WAF and Hardening

Our Cloud Firewall and hardened WordPress fork keep your data safe and hackers out.

Wildcard SSL

Managed DNS and wildcard SSL certificates are included and preconfigured.

1-Click Staging

Test new plugins and make big changes without taking your site offline (or breaking things).

Ready to Go

Hundreds of both vetted and premium plugins (and themes!) are included with 1-click install.

Global CDN

Our global edge CDN ensures your website loads as fast as possible, and as reliably as possible.

Multisite Support

Create your own network of sites – perfect for departments or teams – with automatic setup.

Delegate Access

Add as many delegates as you’d like, using custom or pre-defined permission sets (including SSH/sFTP).

Dedicated IPv4&6

Great for SEO and security, your site gets a dedicated IPv4 AND IPv6 address, with full DNS support.

Liquid Metal

Starting at


paid annually, or $25 monthly

  • Dedicated vCPU, Memory, SSD Storage
  • Fully-managed hosting and security
  • All of our plugins, superpowers
  • WAF, Dedicated IP, DNS, and SSL included




paid annually, or $10 monthly

  • Dedicated vCPU, Memory, SSD Storage
  • Fully-managed hosting
  • All of our plugins, superpowers
  • Dedicated IP, DNS, and SSL included




paid annually, or $7.50 monthly

  • Static site created with Gutenberg
  • Fully-managed hosting
  • All of our plugins and superpowers
  • WAF, DNS, and SSL included

Have a WordPress site hosted elsewhere? We’ll migrate your site to MWP Cloud for free!

Managed WP classic

MWP Cloud Nano and Quantum droplets offer better price:performance

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