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We weren’t happy with the options available from the big guys… so we made our own.

Managed WordPress was created so that everyone can have a powerful website at affordable prices. Not only do we eliminate the pain points of maintaining a WordPress website, but we backed it by some of the fastest and trusted cloud resources available.

Drag. Drop. Publish.

Blocks give you the power to create as basic – or as advanced – of a layout as you can imagine, allowing your creativity to truly flourish.

Literally hundreds of 1st-party and included blocks let you embed anything from YouTube videos and Facebook posts to Reddit archives and Instagram stories.

Not sure where to start? Select one of our templates with pre-defined layouts and block arrangements to jump right into adding content. All sites and themes developed by our team include custom blocks and patterns designed especially for your brand.

Dedicated Cloud Resource Packages

There’s nothing shared about it – each site gets 100% dedicated resources on MWP Cloud.

  • 1 vCPU
    1GB Memory
  • 25GB SSD
    1TB Bandwidth
  • Est. 25k Visitors*
  • 2 vCPUs
    2GB Memory
  • 25GB SSD
    2.5TB Bandwidth
  • Est. 50k Visitors*
  • 4 vCPUs
    8GB Memory
  • 60GB SSD
    10TB Bandwidth
  • Est. 100k Visitors*
  • 6 vCPUs
    16GB Memory
    155GB SSD
    20TB Bandwidth
  • Est. 250k Visitors*

You deserve the best, so all resource packages include…

Nightly Backups

Your site automatically backs up every night and saves to an off-site, secure server.

WAF and Hardening

Our Cloud Firewall and WordPress hardening keeps your data safe and hackers out.

Wildcard SSL

Managed DNS and wildcard SSL certificates are included and preconfigured.

1-Click Staging

Test new plugins and make big changes without taking your site offline (or breaking things).

Free Basic Email

Up to 10 hosted mailboxes or up to 100 forwarding addresses. We also configure M365 and Workspace.

Global CDN

Our global edge CDN ensures your website’s assets load from the visitor’s closest server at insane speeds.

Dedicated IP, v4 & v6

Great for SEO and security, your site gets a dedicated IPv4 AND IPv6 address, with full DNS support.

Delegate Access

Add as many delegates as you’d like, using custom or pre-defined permission sets (including SSH/sFTP)

The basic resource package is ideal for small sites or medium sites with strict caching policies. If you plan on using only the plugins and themes we provide, you’re unlikely to run into resource limitations.

The standard resource package can easily handle the majority of features needed by most small business or organization sites. This package exceeds the minimum requirements for all of our own as well as all of our partners’ plugins and extensions.

The performance resource package is ideal for websites using more than a few of the heavy-duty plugins. This includes GiveWP, Ultimate Member, Download Manager, CoursePress, PantryPress, and others. The extra memory and expanded storage options are perfect for retail, small ecommerce sites, and client portals.

Our enterprise resource package gives you the most power for your dollar. On top of our WP-tuned servers and premium caching add-ons (included), you should never encounter a slow-loading page. Ever.

* Monthly visitor estimations are based on typical WordPress configurations on our Cloud infrastructure. We DO NOT limit I/O, unique visitors, user sessions, or post counts. Server load and response times vary based on the WordPress core configuration, as well as any additional themes or plugins installed and/or activated on the site.

Feature/Plugin Packages

Because every (good) website is unique, these packages bundle our own plugins and those from our partners, giving you everything you could possibly need for your digital masterpiece.


Preloaded and preconfigured with GiveWP donor management, Ultimate Member with Extension Pass, and Pro editions of the WP Superhero plugins. Compatible with Standard, +


Preloaded and preconfigured with MyChoice (includes a license for MyChoice App), Ultimate Member with Extension Pass, Pro editions of the WP Superhero plugins, and GiveWP. Compatible with Standard, +


Preloaded and preconfigured with CoursePress Pro (redeveloped and maintained), Ultimate Member with Extension Pass, and Pro editions of the WP Superhero plugins. Compatible with Standard, +


Preloaded and preconfigured with HubSpot for WordPress, Workspace or M365 storage integration and SSO, file manager with permissions and payment options, and Pro editions of all the WP Superhero plugins. Compatible with all resource tiers.


A lightweight alternative to WooCommerce, our MarketPress Pro plugin is bundled with HubSpot integrations, PayPal and Stripe support (includes mobile payment options), and advanced traffic vs sales analytics. Compatible with Standard, +

WP Superpowers

All of our essential premium plugins with PRO upgrades. You get Forminator, Hustle, Snapshot, Defender, Hummingbird, Smush, Shipper, Beehive, SmartCrawl, Branda, and WP101 (video tutorials)

Any questions? These ones are common…

“How do I update plugins?”

That’s one of the killer features – you don’t! MWP Cloud automatically updates all of your plugins, themes, and WordPress itself. But don’t worry, Snapshot will also run a backup before Automate steps in, ensuring that if any problems arise, your site will restore functionality on its own. Pretty awesome, huh?

“What about domains and email?”

Managed WordPress Cloud now includes Enterprise-grade DNS, wildcard SSLs for each connected domain, up to 10 basic email accounts, or 100 forwarding accounts. Need more? We’ll preconfigure and connect your domain to Google Workspace or Exchange Online (Microsoft 365).

“But I don’t know how to manage a server.”

We mean it when we say managed. You don’t need to know how web servers work, follow system maintenance procedures, or keep up on best practices. Backups run nightly or on-demand, so you even if you’re feeling adventurous, you’ll always be covered.

Additionally, Managed WordPress Cloud is built on self-healing architecture. Long story short, if the server detects any problems, it automatically restarts. Our robust, enterprise-grade infrastructure includes DNS, WAF, SSL, SSH, and CDN, all accessible to account holders and delegates from our browser-based Cloud Dashboard.

Ready to get started?

Note: Due to demand, new plans will be activated and available within 48 hours of purchase. If you need something sooner, please reach out to our team.

Your WordPress admin credentials will be emailed to the account used for registration. SSH and sFTP credentials can be activated manually after purchase, or within 48 hours of purchase if configured earlier.

In addition to your custom domain (or free subdomain if preferred), all sites are automatically assigned a static domain and IP address. These cannot be removed or changed without contacting us.

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