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INVOICE NOTICES: Your invoice will be emailed to you at least 7 days before payment is due for recurring charges, or after work is completed for hourly work. Additional reminder emails may be sent before and after the invoice due date.

OVERDUE BALANCES: A 10% monthly interest will be applied to all overdue balances after 30 days. An overdue balance related to hosting, domain(s), email, or management greater than 30 days may result in the freezing or deactivation of the related services/accounts. After 60 days of non-payment, the related services/accounts may be terminated or permanently closed, with no guarantee of recoverable data. Clients are responsible for payment of the time the service was active up until freezing/deactivation.

PROCESSING FEE(S): Payments made by credit/debit card may have a processing fee added. This fee shall not exceed 3.1% of the total (before tax). Bank transfers (ACH) and/or payments made by check will not incur a processing fee if made before the due date (unless bounced). Payments made to Smashstar Media processed over the internet are handled by one of two parties: Stripe and/or Wave.

CHECK PROCESSING: Smashstar Media accepts payments by check, no cash is allowed. Please contact our billing team for a mailing address if necessary. Checks can take up to 8 business days to process after being received, so please plan accordingly. Payments are marked as received after being processed and any incurred fees are added to your balance.

PAYMENT INFORMATION: Smashstar Media does not collect, save, or share your payment details. If you elect to save payment info through these parties, Smashstar Media reserves the right to attempt to charge these payment options if any balance exists on your account. Smashstar Media is not responsible for overdraft, bounce-related, or any other fees charged by your bank or credit provider.

UP-FRONT CHARGE (DEPOSIT): If a web development or related project has a timeline greater than 60 days, or if the total estimate exceeds $1000, a 30% deposit is required within 7 days of the start of the project. If the deposit is not paid within 7 days, our team will freeze all development and push the project deadline back for every day the balance is unpaid. The remaining 70% of the project will be billed 30 days before the estimated project end date. If the project extends beyond the end date at the fault of Smashstar Media, late charges and due dates can be updated/voided at the request of the client via email.