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As a managed services provider, we take pride in keeping our systems and hosting platform clean of malware, malicious files, and objectionable content. The internet is an invaluable tool when used ethically, and we take action against those on our platform working against that philosophy.

As we allow clients and anonymous site visitors to post content, comments, and pages within our network (including our site and all hosted sites), we simply do not have the manpower to review every single comment, article, media, or other files uploaded to our network. Our team works diligently to review as much as possible, and when made aware of such content, we take action to have it removed or properly attributed/licensed by the website owner, depending on the request made by the original content owner. If you find your property (images, videos, text, code, etc.) hosted on one of our managed/hosted sites, and the site owner has not acquired authorization to do so, please complete the form below to open a case with our Accounts and/or Legal department(s).

If, for whatever reason, you feel that after taking appropriate action on your part, and our team has not followed our guidelines and policies, please reach out to us immediately and ask to speak with the owner directly. I will personally handle any case in which our team does not meet expectations. – Evan Jensen, Owner and Lead Developer of Smashstar Media