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Whether you have a brick-and-mortar or online store (or both!), handling inventory and managing sales can be a lot simpler if you take advantage of the latest online and digital solutions on the market – and there are some pretty cheap options perfect for small businesses!

A custom solution without the cost of hiring a whole development team

We’ve built some pretty complex inventory and point-of-sale solutions for both small businesses and non-profit organizations using off-the-shelf technology, open-source software, and a little bit of elbow grease (really just a few hours typing away on our laptops).

WooCommerce – a well-vetted, complete sale and inventory system – is a simple plugin for WordPress that when configured properly can be an easy-to-use yet powerful replacement to antiquated cash registers, sales and inventory servers, and everything else usually required to run a store. Paired with Square and a well-designed website, this can save you a lot of time and money.

If you’re interested in replacing an existing (and costly) inventory and sale management solution, or looking to set something up for your new store or mobile sales operation, let us know and we’ll build something your competitors will envy and your customers will love.

Some of our custom solutions…

Integrated DonationsA Place To Turn (Natick, MA)

A Place to Turn, a non-profit food pantry located in Natick, Massachusetts reached out to me for help integrating a custom donation form on their website. Instead of being redirected to a generic PayPal donation page, site visitors can now click the donate button to be taken to a custom form that allows recurrence, “In Memory/Honor of” dedications, fee recovery, and various payment options to accept donations from generous individuals.

Popcorn Tracker – BSA Troop 161 (Sturbridge, MA)

The Boy Scouts have been collecting donations from – and delivering delicious popcorn – to generous community members for years, and thought there must be an easier way to track their progress and manage inventory. Popcorn Tracker [beta] allows scouts to record sales on the go, with sales data being sent directly to the program manager. Scouts love using the app, the organizers love the simplicity of managing records, and customers are getting their popcorn quicker than ever before!

“As of June 2019, Trails End, the leader in Popcorn Sales and supporter of the Boys Scouts of America, has developed an app that includes almost all of the functionality of our product – proving that we’re ahead of the game creating the right solutions for tomorrow’s problems. While others may be disappointed to see their work overshadowed, we’re excited to see such a big player addressing the concerns and needs of such an honored organization. We wish BSA and Troop 161 the absolute best in sales this year and look forward to seeing them continue to break records!”

Evan Jensen, Owner and Lead Developer of Smashstar Media (July 2019)