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Taking Advantage of Technology

Have you heard of Apple’s HomeKit? If you own an iPhone, you may have noticed the “Home” app pop up on your screen at some point over the last year. In iOS 10, Apple introduced this platform to connect smart home devices to your iPhones and iPads, and lets you automate things very easily with compatible hardware and control/monitor it from anywhere in the world.

Get started with your smart home

Below are some affordable products compatible with HomeKit that you can use to begin setting up your smart home.

The VOCOlinc smart switch will allow you to individually control the three outlets on the strip, plus it also includes three USB ports that can be used to charge/power tablets, phones, or other USB smart devices.

With built-in wireless and HomeKit compatibility, all you need to do is open the Home app on your iOS devices and scan the code with your camera. The rest is configured through the Home or VOCOlinc app.