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We wanted to showcase our work in some way more dynamic than just a plain-text list of projects, dates, and clients. Until we get that published, feel free to reach out to us and we’ll be happy to walk you through our past work and answer any questions you may have.

Jimmy D’s Ice Cream – Website Build

To better control the information served up by Google and Bing, Jimmy D’s accepted an offer to build a basic website pro-bono to act as a landing page for the business’s online presence. This basic site provides quick access to hours, directions, a menu, and social links, responding to devices of all shapes and sizes.

Angel House Designs – Website Redesign

A refresh and reorganization of web content based on their existing Wix website. New photo galleries, quote/estimate request forms, and more were added. Sadly, after the owner fell ill and passed away, Angel House Designs was closed and the website is no longer available to view online.

Sims Premier Fitness – Website Redesign

A Joomla!-based website built with a custom template and fitness-focused functionality, including group fitness schedules, online sign-ups, and more. Sims was closed around 5 years after the redesign after the owner left town, and the site is no longer available to view online.