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Hey! So you want to learn more about the new WordPress editor? This brief guide and compilation of resources should help you learn everything you need to know about Gutenberg.

Gutenberg – What is it?

Gutenberg is the new default editor for WordPress pages and posts, replacing the older editor which consisted of a text box and miniature menu bar for editing options.

The new Gutenberg editor uses a block system to arrange and format content in a page or post. Paragraph, heading, image, and many more block types can be stacked and placed into columns and rows in your content.

The new Gutenberg editor puts the focus on writing content, providing advanced settings and toggles in the right sidebar, out of the way of your content.

Check out a great explanation of the 3 main sections (Content area, toolbar, and advanced settings/details pane) over at…

The Blocks

The standard blocks consist of Paragraph, Heading, Image, Spacer, and Custom HTML, which all do exactly as expected. Layout blocks such as columns and rows allow you to add content blocks into, as expected, columns and rows.

New Embed blocks allow you to add external content to your post or page. Some of the supported Embed blocks include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and many, many more.

Gutenberg uses a block system to add and arrange content within Posts and Pages. Layout blocks allow you to position and arrange Content blocks within your page/post.

For a list of all currently-supported blocks and a detailed description of what they do, check out the comprehensive list over at…