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Spring Updates Are Here!

Warmer weather not guaranteed 😉

WordPress 6.2

It’s here! The spring updates are starting to roll out today, beginning with the WP team’s latest release, WordPress 6.2! It includes 292 enhancements and 394 bug fixes – plus tons of QoL improvements. Learn all about the new features and improvements on our latest post…

Welcome to the Managed Cloud, Canva!

If you remember back in 2021 we announced a new partnership with Canva to bring their editor into WordPress. Well, after COVID, Canva’s offices being closed, and a complete overhaul of their API last year, that project died. Or so we said…

What we couldn’t tell you (until today!) is that we’ve added support for Canva’s new embed tools in every tier, flavor, and package of MWP Cloud – for FREE! That means anyone using NonprofitPress, CreatorPress, or MWP Cloud Nodes can use Canva’s embed tool and paste the code into any post or page.

Just create your design, and click the Share button, then Embed. Copy the code and paste it into any page or post on your site. Then if you ever update your design, it updates on the site automagically!!

Forminator Takes on PDFs

Coming Soon – Forminator is learning a cool new trick: PDF generation! Later this month, the latest Forminator (Pro*) update will include PDF generation for any and all forms. No limits. No API keys. No Fuss.

Customers using the “E2PDF” Forminator integration will receive credits to have our team migrate to the new, better system after release.

*Forminator Pro is included with all MWP Cloud sites, regardless of tier or package, or available separately starting at $7.50/month. Built-in PDF generation features are only available with the Pro upgrade.

Airon is Going Viral!

Have you met our virtual client concierge, Airon? If not, you will soon!

While the Hub was down last month, we had a chance to upgrade our bot with GPT 3.5 – yes, that one. With this sudden expansion of knowledge and capabilities, we considered how AIRON could help our customers on their own sites, not just ours.

Starting this May, AIRON will be available on all MWP Cloud sites to assist Administrators and Editors with content creation! Airon can suggest SEO titles based on your content and can even generate featured images – from scratch. Goodbye stock photo licensing!

To learn more or to join the test group, please get in touch.

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