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Helping A Place to Turn

Our friends at A Place to Turn in Natick, MA have become very popular – so much so that they are in desperate need for renovations and an expansion! Instead of repeating and rephrasing what they have to say, we’ll let them explain why this is so important…

As you can imagine, serving over 20,000 clients is no easy task. That’s why APTT has launched their capital campaign, which has already reached more than 75% of their goal.

We invite you to view their campaign page and, if you are able, make a contribution through the special donation form. To everyone that has contributed in the past or plans to in the future, THANK YOU!! A Place to Turn has been assisting the MetroWest community for so long and in so many ways – now it’s our turn to help them!

Donations are greatly appreciated on A Place to Turn’s website:

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