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Snapshot Pro

  • [Fix] Canceling a backup that is in progress will stop all future scheduled backups
  • [Fix] Resolve issues reported by RIPS
  • [Fix] After a backup restore the View Backup button is opening the home page
  • [Fix] The remote snapshots purging issues when multiple snapshots are at the same remote directory
  • [Fix] The managed backup restore issues with the WPEngine
  • [Improvement] Disable the backup restore on the WPMU DEV staging sites
  • [Fix] The managed backup restore issues with the Modern Events Calendar Lite table
  • [Fix] The snapshots are not getting cleared out in the S3 bucket when located at an S3 subdirectory
  • [Fix] An uneditable file in the WPEngine breaks the restore
  • [Fix] Deleting a local managed backup deletes the remote copy as well
  • [Fix] The restoration issues with the .acme-challenge folder
  • [Fix] The managed backups could not be activated in the WP v4.6.15 (Multisite)

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