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Forminator Pro

Capture user information (as detailed as you like), engage users with interactive polls that show real-time results and graphs, “no wrong answer” Facebook-style quizzes and knowledge tests.

Version 1.10 | October 23, 2019

  • Add: Email routing and conditional emails
  • Add: Pre-filling forms with dynamic data using query parameters
  • Add: Hubspot integration support creating tickets from Forminator forms
  • Improvement: New pagination flow
  • Improvement: Ability to use {all_field} email merged tag to send only the non-empty fields
  • Improvement: Not clear that From and Reply to fields can be used as input fields
  • Improvement: Allow users to set custom required validation message for GDPR field
  • Improvement: Date format in Datepicker field support for custom formats
  • Improvement: Setting to optionally download the submissions based on the active filters.
  • Improvement: Add option to upload media files to Media Library
  • Improvement: Ability to change the quiz sharing message
  • Fix: Address apartment sub-field doesn’t show in email notification
  • Fix: Issues with visibility conditions
  • Fix: Hidden fields by conditions still calculated
  • Fix: Form can be submitted with “Require SSL certificate to submit this form” enabled and no SSL certificate
  • Fix: Conditions rule validation

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