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Stay in the Loop with Monthly Reports

We love being able to help our clients by handling everything related to their website. With Managed WordPress, you can focus on the day-to-day of your business or organization, knowing that we’re handling everything behind the scenes to make sure your site is perfect.

While we do all of this work, we want to make sure you’re aware of hiccups when they happen, but also when online sales increase or your search rankings change. That’s why all of our management plans include monthly reports sent right to your inbox.

We provide a summary of your backups, security scans, and performance scans. If performance dips during a certain period of the month or year, we can plan ahead and anticipate an increase of traffic to your online store. If security scans flag some users or files on your site, we can take care of it before anything bad happens (and keep you informed).

For clients on Hosted and Advanced plans, SEO reports show what your visitors are searching for, and also how you compare to similar businesses in your area. With this insight, we can work together to better market your site and increase traffic through search engines.

Work logs show you exactly how we spend time working on your site – whether that’s dealing with corrupt plugins or fixing a hosting issue. We lift the curtain for those who want some additional insight into what goes on behind a well-performing website.

MWP Advanced sites also show WooCommerce sales data in the monthly report, giving you an overview of total sales made through your site. If there’s a spike in sales (or a drop), we’ll include an additional WooCommerce report that you can review with your team.

All of this information is put together in a PDF report sent right to your inbox. On the first of every month, you’ll get a view of your site’s changes and performance over the last 30 days. And if anything stands out or raises eyebrows, you have budgeted support hours included that cover anything that needs to be addressed.

Want to learn more or see a sample report? Contact us and we’ll send a demo report for your existing site covering the last 7 days.

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