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Nonprofit Support

We get nonprofits.

When you’re organizing a website for your 501(c)(3) organization, it’s easy to get bombarded with insane monthly bills from your hosting and web services provider. You probably don’t need that Deluxe hosting plan with 500 emails and so many features that will never be touched. And digging into the details when trying to cut costs can be overwhelming.

What if there was someone who could audit your environment, look over all of your hosting bills, and make sense of what’s necessary and what’s not? Look no further.

We’re here to help.

Our team is eager and ready to help your nonprofit get a grasp on your website, social media, and service subscriptions. With our Free Web Audit service, we take a look at your site and social media accounts, recommending ways to boost traffic, increase donations, and teach visitors about the amazing work you do.

And now for nonprofits (also available to businesses for a competitive rate), we’ll sit down with you and your board to review your hosting, domain, email, and marketing bills to find ways to save you money. No obligations. No fee. Because you deserve it! You can also use this consultation time to review your site and the Web Audit in person.

What we offer.

In addition to your free audit and account assistance, we offer a discount on our management services to all 501(c)(3) organizations. We can bundle a lot of the services you pay for into a single monthly subscription, and handle all of the troubleshooting, account management, and renewals for you.

You can take a look at our Managed WordPress service for a better idea of all the work we can do for you, saving you both time and money.

Some of our achievements.

When Evan (Smashstar Media) was enrolled at Framingham State University, an opportunity arose to assist the MetroWest Nonprofit Network with redesigning their website. The student group spent 4 months planning, developing, and tracking the results of huge overhaul. Since then, Smashstar Media has helped MWNN by adding a document sharing portal for their board members, regularly updating content, providing documentation and 1-on-1 WordPress tutorials, and managed all updates, backups, and maintenance for the site.

After hearing about the work done with MWNN, A Place to Turn reached out to Smashstar Media to assist with integrating a donations page on their site. The new donation portal allows guests to make contributions and dedications directly on the site via credit card or PayPal. Smashstar Media has been proud to provide ongoing support and maintenance for their site ever since.


We’d love to hear your story and how we could help your nonprofit! Hit the button below to contact us, or feel free to fill out the Web Audit request (be sure to mention that you’re interested in this service).

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