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Service Update – Spring 2019

Improving Managed WordPress

As promised, we continue to improve the customer experience with Managed WordPress. New this month, we’ve updated the WordPress admin dashboard to include more details about your account, our own plugins, add-on services, and notes from our team. We’ve also beefed up the security on all Managed WordPress sites that toughens up the login system and gives us even more insight into issues that pop up for us to take care of.

We recently launched new packages (or plan tiers) for Managed WordPress. These new plans better reflect the needs of a personal blog, a small business, or a scalable high traffic site. We added new features like better SEO reporting and spam moderation that’ll leave you with even less to worry about – didn’t think we could make it any easier, huh?

Integrated WordPress Training

For those of you that are active on your sites and regularly log into the WordPress back-end, we have a great new service that’ll help you become a WordPress Pro!

WP101 includes hundreds of video tutorials, from WP basics to utilizing Yoast SEO to managing your WooCommerce online store. And, it’s all right inside your dashboard – no need to log into another site or pull up YouTube walkthroughs on your phone. Plus, we back it with our phone and email support, so we’re ready if you have any questions or want to learn more!

SSL For Everyone

If you haven’t thought about getting an SSL certificate for your site, you really should. An SSL cert is required to encrypt traffic to and from your site, protecting data entered into forms and integrated payment systems. While online payments require it, there’s more incentive to get one: HTTP sites are ranked lower in Google and Bing search results, and when visitors go to your site, they’ll now get security warnings in their browsers if it isn’t properly using HTTPS.

Our new SSL offering includes a certificate from one of the top three signing authorities, so your visitors will get the green padlock and see the “Safe Site” badge on your page. And of course, we manage everything for you, from registration and configuration to rewriting URLs and image links.

Share Your Experience!

We pride ourselves in the job we do and work hard to deliver results that are beyond impressing. If you appreciate the work we’ve done for your business, we’d love to hear about it! Send us an email or feel free to share your experience on social media (don’t forget to tag us!) to help us find more amazing clients like you.

We would also like to offer free Support Hours to our existing clients for referring us to peers and business partners! You can reach out to Evan for details.

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