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Service Update – November 2018

Attn: Clients using Managed WordPress Advanced (Hosted) and Self-hosted services

I will be making changes to Managed WordPress throughout November to increase the security on your websites. Below are a list of changes being made:

Changes Being Made:

  • To log into your admin dashboard, the URL will be changed from /login to /dashboard
    • i.e. will now be
    • Please update your bookmarks, the /login will change to a dead link
  • If you don’t have Akismet installed to fight spam, it will be installed
    • Akismet helps block and filter spam comments among other things
  • Additional security plugins will be installed…
    • To block bots attempting to log in to the admin dashboard
    • To lock accounts when an invalid password is entered 3 times
    • To block IP addresses that are flagged as suspicious

Optional Changes (please contact me to have these turned on):

  • Disallow visitors from creating their own accounts on your site
  • Prevent visitors from making comments without being signed in
  • Enable SSL if you don’t already have it configured – important if you want to be seen on Google and Bing searches and don’t want visitors to be alerted that your site isn’t secure
  • Prevent certain pages from being seen from certain individuals (based on if they’re signed in or what type of account they have, such as an admin, employee, or visitor)

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns about any of these changes, or if you’d like me to make any of the optional changes to your site that I’ve listed above. All of these will be done free of charge to better protect you, with the exception of an SSL certificate. The certificate will need to be purchased separately, but I will configure it for you free of charge if needed.

Thank you,


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