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WordPress 5.0 is coming!

WordPress will be releasing their 5.0 update this summer, and it will change how you create/edit posts and pages. The new editor uses a block system, which may or may not be compatible with your theme. When the update comes out, I will test your theme and plugins for compatibility before rolling out the update. And if any issues are presented afterward, the site will be restored instantly and fixed to support the new version.

What’s new?

WordPress 5.0 introduces Gutenberg, a replacement to the standard page and post editor included in WordPress for years. Gutenberg works on a block system, which will take a little getting used to for users who aren’t familiar with a drag-and-drop sort of editor. It looks more modern, and simplifies a lot of features, but still has the functionality you expect from the traditional editor.

For many, this may make editing a post much easier! Simply drag a paragraph or image block onto the post, arrange the blocks accordingly, and hit publish – it’s that easy! Of course category and tag settings can be found in the right sidebar to customize your post with important details. This is also where you’ll find the “featured image” setting.

Try Gutenberg now to become familiar before the launch!

Anyone that want’s to preview the Gutenberg editor before the update rolls out can install the Gutenberg plugin from the plugin directory right inside WordPress! Managed WordPress clients can have this installed automatically upon request. And since it’s just a plugin, you can choose to use the classes editor on any post if Gutenberg interferes with any of your pages. If you run into any trouble you can contact us at any time for assistance.

The image used in the header of this post is not owned by myself, but taken from the Gutenberg plugin page on, and may be subject to copyright by its owners.

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